Shipyard Agent & Brokerage Agency Services

Our integrated marine services division offers professional brokerage in the areas of new buildings – complete overhaul and repair – intermediate surveys – annual surveys – maintenance as exclusive agents for all the major shipyards in Tuzla – İstanbul. Since 2002 we have progressively grown to become the most reputable domestic brokerage firm in Turkey. We look forward to working with you to serve your marine transportationand repair requirements.

We very much understand the changing nature of the petroleum and petrochemical industry. To remain successful, brokerage is evolving as well and we are committed to change by adding increasing value to each transaction we handle. This is detailed by our core values of:

Professionalism: We are first and foremost a professional services firm with the majority of our brokers having degrees from maritime academies or other academic institutions.

Client Knowledge: By seeking first to understand the end result our customers are trying to reach, we are better positioned to effectively conclude transactions and provide the solutions their transportation needs require

Service on a 24/7/365 Basis: Whether you are an international or domestic client, nothing substitutes for good information and we are committed to providing that information on a continuous basis.

Honesty and Integrity: We are committed to working constructively with all parties to ensure that the contracts negotiated and agreed to are fair to both parties.