About Us


MC is a family owned private company encompassing various and differentiating areas of business activities. JMC was formed and established by family member and senior executives from Turkey’s largest and private Holding companies as well as a team of highly experienced professionals from the oldest and major marine and construction companies in Turkey.

Our professional team of Construction, marine and non-marine,trading experts at JMC, works to a disciplined manner to ensure maximum efficiency and client satisfaction.

The efforts and knowledge of our employees is not only an essential factor but a key to our success.

We interface between our clients,Goverments & Construction companies, Ship owners, Manufacturers, Main suppliers and workshops; earning us a competitive edge that translates into greater advantage (both financially, technically ).

The underlying foundation of aspiration and objectives, is to become a multi-national corporation combining shipping, construction,trading,interior & exterior,managements, raw materials, production and application systems both nationally and internationally.


To become a trademark which works with the highest responsibility and the highest quality concept, to give the best service according to international standarts and to maintain permanent excellence for every single project.

Nowadays special attention is paid at human resources, technology, innovation and creativity.
Our mission is to transfer everyday gained experience and knowledge to new generations, to increase awareness of occupational safety and to contribute to environmental protection.


We pull our weight for everything we do, every decision we make, and every promise we give. Contributing to the sustainable development in the sectors we operate and to the economic progress is our primary responsibility. We are in addition aware of our responsibilities to our society, the world and the nature. As a corporate structure, we maintain all our economic and social operations with the consciousness of creating a world to live in.

Corporate Values

Our company believes in an entrepreneur spirit based on values, and regards it as a crucial element which will render our success permanent in the sectors we are active in. In line with our vision and mission, we put ourselves in others’ shoes, we respect all our customers and partners, and we attempt to understand their needs and expectations.


Our success as a company rises on innovation. Seizing innovative opportunities and ideas which will create a world to live in by enhancing our economy, developing new fields of operation, thus keeping up with the changes constitute the basic value produced by our deepseated infrastructure and experience.